Novomatic Slots Not On Gamstop

Joshua Hayes
June 30, 2022
Novomatic Slots

Professor Johann Graf founded Novomatic Slots not on gamstop in 1980, and the company’s first Slots were created in land-based casinos in Europe. As a result of their well-earned reputation, they tend to attract more seasoned customers. Although the features are fantastic, the graphics aren’t as sharp as, say, NetEnt’s. The most popular slot machine they have is called a rarity Deluxe, and it’s a favorite among Germans. The Ocean’s Lords and the Reels King. Katana is a high-risk slot game for those who enjoy a high degree of volatility.

Top 10 slot machines with the highest RTP in 2021

Novomatic Slots

Ugga Bugga 99.07% RTP – Playtech

This strange slot machine is unlike anything else out there. You must form winning combinations of symbols but have the opportunity to hold a symbol space, which then functions on all 10 lines, to win the jackpot. It takes some getting used to, but with such a high return on investment, you have no reason to give up.

Starmania, 97.87% RTP – NextGen

Attempt to land sequences of star symbols to a thumping soundtrack as you journey through the galaxy far, far away. There are a lot of ways to win with 10 pay lines that pay in both directions. You can’t go wrong with stacked wilds and free spins, making this a genuinely unique game.

Bloodsuckers, 98% RTP – NetEnt

Blood Suckers has a great RTP of 98 percent, so you won’t be drained of your money. Slaying the Vampires while picking from coffins to win cash rewards is possible with this slot’s five reels, twenty-five pay lines, scatters, and wilds. It’s not a cheerful game, but it’s a lot of fun.

Ooh Aah Dracula, 99% RTP – Barcrest

Count Dracula’s castle serves as the backdrop for this gothic-themed slot machine. To warn you that things may not be as they appear, there’s also a bonus for a heart attack.

White Rabbit Megaways, 97.77% RTP – Big Time Gaming

With the White Rabbit slot’s Megaways feature, you can win in as many as 248,832 different ways. Why does it have such a high RTP? A Down the Rabbit Hole free spins bonus round is included, as are growing Cupcake wild symbols, all of which are influenced by Alice in Wonderland.

Mega Joker, 99 % RTP – NetEnt

Novomatic Slots

Fans of NetEnt’s iconic slot machine are devoted to it. Using the maximum coin quantity, the RTP is unmatched. There are three reels in the base game, which look and sound like a retro slot machine from the 1960s. Choose whether or not you want to use your earnings in the Supermeter bonus game if you do well in the main mode of play. A progressive jackpot is also available.

Sign up to TwinSpires Casino for Slots Action

Head over to TwinSpires Casino if you’re in the mood for some fun spins after reading this. Blood Suckers, Starmania, and White Rabbit Megaways are all currently playable.

The Catfather, RTP 98.10% – Pragmatic Play

The Catfather slot machine is a far cry from the blood and gore of the Godfather. Kitties can construct winning lines in either direction as you spin the five reels. Activate the free spins feature to increase your winnings by four times.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix, 98% RTP – Barcrest

The sequel to Rainbow Riches is here. If you’re able to trigger the bonus games, you can select which ones you want to play. Take a stab at the Pots of Gold, Magic Mushroom, or Road to Riches Bonuses to see how far you can get!

How do you cheat on slot machines?

Software Glitch

The only trick that still works on current machines is this one. For decades, the fraudsters have exploited the software bug to their advantage.

To get this result, a precise set of games and stakes have to be played. This could cause a fault in the skilled machine to pay out the jackpot since it confuses the machine in some way.

It’s been a common practice among slot machine cheats for a long time. It’s even caused problems where most jackpot winners don’t get their money.

On newer slot machines, the software glitch is possible. In 2015, the most recent and well-known occurrence occurred.

The irony is that it was a grandma who triumphed in the competition. It was a big win for Pauline McKee, a ninety-year-old woman from Illinois, who won $41 million.

Her winnings were from a miss cat slot machine at the Casino Hotel Waterloo. Sadly, she didn’t receive any compensation for her efforts. After three years, the woman’s lawsuit against the casino was rejected.

The casino, though, is not to blame. The casino had the upper hand in this dispute due to the o previous precedent.


One of the more venerable cheating methods is the use of a magnet. It was a huge hit back then. It’s a little difficult to utilize today because newer machines don’t have magnets.

All of them are computer-based and programmable. Cheating was possible on older computers as well because they were constructed entirely of metal.

With the help of a magnet, it was rather easy to cheat. Only spinning the reels was required. After the machine has been turned, you can use an external magnet to stop it from continuing to spin.

That’s when you realize you’vrealizen something special. The con artists would take the magnet out of the machine and pocket the cash.

Light Wand

A lot of people believe that the light wand is a magical device. That’s not the case, though. To the tune of Tommy Glenn Carmichael, one of the most infamous slot fraudsters in history, this trick was made widespread.

Using their skills, magicians may make it appear as if something is happening. Carmichael used a light band, just like magicians. Using the technique, jackpot winners were able to appear out of thin air.

Get to know how the light wand achieved what it was designed to do. The optical sensor of the slot machine could be successfully blinded by the machine.

The machine couldn’t know how many coins had been placed in the skilled machine when the optical machine was out of order.

As a result, the machine will have no idea how much or when to payout. The well-known Carmichael could easily turn tiny victories into large ones at the slot machine.

Novomatic Slots

Piano wire

It dates back to the age of mechanically operated slot machine reels, which was the case until 1982. It was put into the slot machine’s revolving mechanism using piano wire. Players were able to influence the outcome of a spin because the clock used to monitor wheel rotation was jammed by a piece of wire.

It was a $50,000 success for the group of persons that attempted this feat. They were, however, being videotaped throughout the transaction and were subsequently apprehended. Even though their victory was fleeting, they were able to alter the course of the game with nothing more than a piano wire.

Computer Chip Replacement

Dennis Nikrasch was able to implement a new approach. For his own “casino,” he purchased a slot machine. In the course of his investigation, he discovered that the machine’s chip might have been modified to affect the game’s outcome. Because of the reprogramming, the chips might have been utilized to make money in casinos’ slot machines.

And he didn’t keep this secret from anyone. Ordered a large number of these chips, reprogrammed them, and obtained slot machine keys so that he could replace the chips in the machines. Then, “just” like that, he was making a lot of money from his business ventures. He was eventually captured in 2004 and died in 2010 as a result of his crimes.

Shaved coins

Fake coins became increasingly difficult to pull off as the technology for determining the genuineness of coins improved. Slot machines began to use a light sensor to register payments and determine whether or not the coins were fake.

A shaved coin was registered as an acceptable form of payment, but it fell past the physical comparator that was intended to measure the size of the coins that entered the system. The coin was, therefore, returned to the player and ready for use again.

To ensure that the coin’s diameter complied with the slot machine’s specifications, another object was inserted beside the shaved coin. When the optical sensor was deceived by the shaved coin, this object stayed in the machine, but the shaved coin dropped out of it.

Top-Bottom Joint

There were two pieces to the top-bottom joint… A metal rod twisted into a circle (top) and a long guitar string or some other thin wire (bottom) are the components (the bottom).

The bottom part of the machine was inserted into the bottom of the machine, where it came into touch with the machine’s internal electrics, drawing a minor charge from it. After inserting the top half into the coin slot, the circuit was complete and the machine was forced to pay out all of the coins it had stored inside it.

Monkey Paws

Tommy Glenn Carmichael, a legend in the field of tricking slot machines and casinos, produced monkey paws. The top-to-bottom joint must first be retracted for us to get to the monkey paw. TV repair shop owner Carmichael was struggling to make a profit. With the help of Ray Ming, a buddy, he tried out the top-to-bottom joint.

However, he was caught and sentenced to 5 years in prison, not just for cheating but also for past crimes, notwithstanding his first success. Suddenly, he became aware that the instrument he had been employing (the top-bottom joint) was well-known. He concluded that he had to come up with a new way to scam casinos to succeed.

What motivated him to create the monkey-paw was this realization. He bought a video poker machine and started playing around with it. Carmichael was able to construct a basic but effective device. He used a bent metal rod and a metal string to find the coin hopper switch on a slot machine. He then moved the rod around in the vent until he discovered the switch. He yanked the machine apart and retrieved all of its components.

Coins on a string (Yo-Yo)

When handled correctly, a Yo-Yo, if you’ve ever played with one, will go up and down. To put it another way, a coin on a string accomplishes exactly that. Once the machine has registered it and started a game, the coin is inserted into the machine. To be used repeatedly after that, it is taken out of the box once more.

Fake coins can be made using this method, but it doesn’t necessitate large-scale coin fabrication. A coin on a string could be used by anyone to try to cheat a gambling establishment. Of course, this was not the case for everyone, and those who did not were not all successful.

Bill Validator Device

Electronic slot machine cheats can also include a bill validator device, which manipulates the machine’s money sensor. A small banknote, such as a $1 or $20 bill, is linked to two parts of this contraption. When the bill was inserted into the slot machine’s bill slot, the machine thought it was a $100 bill. A slot machine or any other casino game can be used by criminals to launder counterfeit money.

It’s a good thing casinos learned from their mistakes with old bill acceptors and installed new ones on the newest machines. Aside from preventing this form of slot cheating, new slot machines may also alert security to the individual putting the bill.

Fake Coins

The first scam I’ll explain is a basic one. Anything that slot machines accept as a form of payment, such as phony money or tokens. To make money, you must be able to produce something that the machine thinks is a coin.

There is a well-known example of a person who used this method effectively. Louis Colavecchio, also known as “The Coin,” is an American casino counterfeiter. To gain money in the casinos of Atlantic City and Connecticut, he and his gang made a substantial amount of false coins and casino tokens. The History Channel aired a documentary about him, which led to him becoming a household name.

Cheat Codes For Online Slots

Casino fraudsters find new ways to evade detection as technology improves. Criminals have discovered ways to gain access to the casino rather than just the slots as internet casinos spread around the world.

Online casinos have been targeted by an organization named DRBControl, which has a history of attacking them. Emails with spear-phishing links were sent to the staff of an online casino as part of their tactic. Injecting a backdoor Trojan into an operator’s network is possible if a staff member accidentally clicks on a link.

As another example, you can use your phone to hack into a slot machine and find out when the RNG is in your favor. An app analyses the video and screenshot data from the player’s phone to extract the random number generator (PRNG) patterns from the slot machine’s reels. When a cheater is ready to spin the reels, their phone will vibrate to suggest the optimal time for them to do so.

Casino systems have steadily improved their defenses against cyberattacks over time. Monitoring employees who have access to sensitive information in the company’s network is an effective way to prevent phishing attacks. To help casino administrators identify cheating gamblers, a gaming platform uses an AI system that monitors anomalous betting patterns.

Who is Greentube?

Novomatic Slots

One of the oldest and largest gaming technology firms in the world, Greentube, provides online slot games. As one of the industry’s pioneers, it’s difficult to imagine this sector without the giant that invented a slew of still-in-use technologies for both land-based and online slot machines. There is a wide range of Greentube slots to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. Playing Greentube online slots is a great way to spend some quality time while also winning some money. Check out the company’s past and some of its best-known titles.

Book of Ra Deluxe Slots

Greentube, the company behind the game, created Book of Ra Deluxe. At NeonSlots, you may play it for free in an Egyptian-themed environment. Free games are activated by the scatter symbol and a double-or-nothing gamble round are both included in this slot’s many features. Those who enjoy the gameplay of the Book of Ra Deluxe online slot could also enjoy the classic version of the game, Book of Ra, and the 6-reel variation Book of Ra Deluxe.

Novomatic is not available at many online casinos

Novomatic slot not on gamstop may not be as popular as NetEnt, Playtech, or Microgaming as a software developer, but it has built its name with its amazing variety of offline games that can be found at various Novomatic Online Casinos in India. Big Five, Queen Cleopatra, and the Book of Ra series are just a few of the hundreds of titles they provide. Novomatic is an easy-to-use security program. For new and returning players alike, they also offer generous benefits. As with the Indian incentives, Novomatic’s Indian casino bonus is as generous.

Novomatic slot not on gamstop well known in land-based casinos
Novomatic slot not on gamstop is one of the oldest and most experienced software suppliers in the world, having begun in Austria in 1980, more than a decade before internet casinos. Novomatic’s gaming roots are in land-based casinos, where they’ve created virtual games for 40 years.

It hasn’t abandoned its roots. In almost any land-based casino today, you’ll find games, such as market-leading electronic table games and video slots.

Admiral, one of the world’s largest casino businesses, is part of Novomatic slot not on gamstop Group, showcasing its scope. Admiral has over 1,500 casinos, electronic casinos, and sports betting shops globally.

Novomatic Slots Not On Gamstop Conclusion:

Novomatic slot not on gamstop is a rare online casino provider. This long-running company is still going strong. They mastered land-based table games and slots and are now expanding into the online casino software. Their games are high-quality and unique. These games are enjoyable to play and can pay out big money. Their game portfolio includes classic table-based and themed slots.

FAQ: Novomatic Slots Not On Gamstop

1. How can I win Playing Novomatic slots not on gamstop?

To win, spin the reels until three or more matching symbols appear on consecutive reels from left to right.

2. Do I need to download any additional software to play Novomatic slots on my Android phone?

To play on your Android phone, you don’t need any additional software. All you need is a web browser to get to them.

3. Which Novomatic slots not on gamstop have the best chances of winning big?

At a €20 stake, Garden of the Riches has a massive €17,920 win. The Lord of the Oceans slot and Lucky Lady’s Charm 6 Deluxe both had the largest wins.

Yes, although different provinces in Canada have their own set of gaming laws.

Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot Deluxe, Dolphin Pearl, and Lucky Lady’s Charm is among the games available.

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