The Dog House Megaways Slot Not On Gamstop Review

Joshua Hayes
December 9, 2023
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Are you a fan of online slot games and looking for a new and exciting option to try? Look no further than The Dog House Megaways Slot! This game offers a unique and thrilling gaming experience that is sure to keep you entertained for hours. With its innovative Megaways feature and enticing bonus rounds, this slot game is a must-try for any avid gambler.

If you’re not familiar with the Megaways feature, it’s a game mechanic that allows for a massive number of ways to win on each spin. This means that every time you play, you have the opportunity to land winning combinations in numerous ways, increasing your chances of hitting big wins. The Dog House Megaways Slot takes full advantage of this feature, providing players with an exhilarating and potentially lucrative gaming experience.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at The Dog House Megaways Slot, exploring its gameplay, features, and overall performance. Whether you’re a seasoned slot player or new to the world of online gambling, this comprehensive review will provide you with all the information you need to decide if this game is right for you. So, let’s dive in and discover the excitement that awaits in The Dog House Megaways Slot!

What Is The Dog House Megaways Slot?

The Dog House Megaways slot is an exciting and engaging online slot game that offers players a unique and entertaining experience. Developed by Pragmatic Play, this slot game features the popular Megaways mechanic, which means there are thousands of ways to win with each spin. Set against the backdrop of a charming suburban neighborhood, the game is filled with adorable and playful dogs, making for a lighthearted and fun theme. With its vibrant graphics, smooth gameplay, and potential for big wins, The Dog House Megaways slot is sure to appeal to both casual players and serious gamblers alike. Whether you’re a dog lover or simply enjoy a fast-paced and lucrative slot experience, this game is definitely worth a try. 

Software Provider and RTP

The Dog House online slot is developed by the well-known software provider, Pragmatic Play. This popular game features a fun and colorful theme centered around cute and playful dogs. With Pragmatic Play’s reputation for providing high-quality and engaging online slots, The Dog House is no exception.

When it comes to the Return to Player (RTP) of The Dog House, players can expect a favorable RTP of 96.51%. This means that, on average, for every $100 wagered, the game will pay out $96.51 in winnings. This makes The Dog House a relatively high-paying slot game compared to others in the market.

Players can enjoy the vibrant graphics and exciting features of The Dog House, knowing that Pragmatic Play’s reputable software development and the game’s competitive RTP provide a rewarding and entertaining gaming experience.

Overview of The Dog House Megaways Slot

The Dog House Megaways Slot is a popular online slot game with a fun and colorful theme centered around adorable dogs. The game features 6 reels and a variable number of paylines that can range from a minimum of 64 up to a whopping 117,649, thanks to the Megaways mechanic. The RTP (Return to Player) stands at 96.55%, and the game offers high volatility, making it exciting for players who enjoy high-risk, high-reward gameplay.

Key features of The Dog House Megaways Slot include wild symbols, scatter symbols, and a free spins bonus round. The wild symbol can substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations, while the scatter symbol triggers the free spins round when three or more appear on the reels. During the free spins round, players can benefit from multipliers and sticky wilds, increasing the potential for big wins.

Players can look forward to potential rewards in the form of large payouts, especially during the free spins round. The combination of the Megaways mechanic, high volatility, and bonus features makes for thrilling gameplay and the chance to win substantial prizes. Overall, The Dog House Megaways Slot offers a fun and engaging experience with the potential for lucrative rewards.


Features are the standout characteristics that set a product or service apart from the competition. They are the unique elements that offer functionality and value to the user. When looking at products or services, the features are what customers evaluate to determine if it meets their needs and offers them the most benefit.

Reels and Paylines Structure

Most slot machines have 3 or 5 reels, with each reel having several rows of symbols. The number of paylines can vary, but a common setup is 25 paylines for a 5-reel slot. The arrangement of symbols on the reels and the paylines impacts the potential for winning combinations. Matching symbols must align along an active payline to form a winning combination. Paylines can be straight, diagonal, or even zig-zag, and the more paylines that are activated, the higher the potential for winning combinations.

When players bet on a slot machine, they select the number of paylines to activate and the amount of money to wager on each line. The more paylines activated, the higher the total bet, but also the greater the chance of winning. The arrangement of the reels and paylines significantly impacts the overall gameplay experience by creating excitement and anticipation as winning combinations are formed. Each spin offers the potential for multiple winning combinations to occur, making slot machines a popular choice for both casual and avid gamblers.

Betting Range

The betting range for The Dog House Megaways slot offers a wide range of stakes to suit all types of players. The minimum stake starts at a low amount, providing accessibility for those looking to play with smaller bets. On the other hand, the maximum stake allows for high rollers to place larger bets for increased excitement and potential rewards.

Additional betting features and options include adjustable coin values and the option to bet on multiple paylines, giving players the flexibility to customize their bets according to their preferences.

Due to the high variance of The Dog House Megaways, players can experience significant fluctuations in their winnings. The game’s potential rewards are also greatly influenced by the betting range, as higher stakes increase the potential payout and can lead to substantial wins. However, it is important for players to exercise caution and manage their bets responsibly, as the high variance can also result in more significant losses.

Wilds and Scatters Symbols

In the game, the Wild symbol functions as a substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations, increasing the player’s chances of winning. Additionally, Wild symbols often come with a multiplier, doubling or even tripling the winnings when part of a winning combination. The Scatter symbol, on the other hand, triggers the free spin bonus when a certain number appears on the reels.

When the Free Spin Bonus is triggered, players are typically presented with different options, such as Sticky Wild Free Spins, where the Wild symbols remain in place for multiple spins, or Raining Wild Free Spins, in which extra Wild symbols are added to the reels during the free spins, increasing the chances of winning big.

Players also have the option to buy directly into the Free Spins Bonus, foregoing the need to wait for the symbols to align on the reels. This buy-in option allows players to immediately access the free spin bonus feature, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Bonus Features & Free Spins

In our game, players can enjoy various bonus features and free spin options to enhance their gaming experience. The Raining Wilds Free Spins and Sticky Wilds Free Spins are two exciting options that players can trigger during gameplay.

During Raining Wilds Free Spins, wild symbols will rain down onto the reels, adding extra wilds for each spin. On the other hand, Sticky Wilds Free Spins will lock any wild symbols in place for the duration of the free spins.

Players also have the option to Buy Free Spins, allowing them to purchase a certain number of free spins at a set cost. Additionally, the Wild symbol in the game comes with a randomised multiplier, adding to the excitement of the gameplay.

To trigger the Free Spin Bonus, players need to land three or more Scatter symbols on the reels. This will activate the free spins feature, where they can choose between the Raining Wilds or Sticky Wilds options to add an extra layer of excitement to the game.

With these bonus features and free spin options, players can enjoy a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience.

Mini-Games & Sticky Wilds

The mini-games in this slot game are intricately woven into the Sticky Wilds feature, providing additional gameplay elements and bonuses for players. When a Sticky Wild symbol appears on the reels, it triggers a mini-game that is related to the theme of the slot. These mini-games can include matching symbols, picking hidden objects, or spinning a bonus wheel, giving players the chance to win extra prizes or free spins.

Players can access the mini-games by landing Sticky Wild symbols on the reels during the base game or bonus rounds. Once triggered, the mini-game will immediately pop up on the screen, engaging players in a different type of gameplay while still incorporating the Sticky Wilds feature. This adds an exciting layer of interactivity to the game, keeping players entertained and involved as they chase after bigger wins.

In addition to the Sticky Wilds feature, the mini-games provide an extra opportunity for players to boost their winnings and enjoy a more diverse gaming experience. By integrating the mini-games with the Sticky Wilds feature, players are encouraged to stay engaged and continuously strive for those rewarding bonus rounds.

Gameplay Experience and Graphics

When it comes to evaluating the quality of a video game, two crucial elements that often come into focus are the gameplay experience and the graphics. A game’s gameplay experience encompasses everything from the controls and mechanics to the overall immersion and enjoyment that it offers to players. The graphics of a game, on the other hand, refer to the visual elements, including the art style, animations, and overall presentation. Both of these aspects play a vital role in shaping the overall appeal and success of a video game.

The Dog House Megaways Slot Not On Gamstop Review

User Interface & Sound Effects

In The Dog House Megaways slot game, the user interface features a vibrant and colorful design, with the reels prominently displayed in the center of the screen. The game controls are easily accessible at the bottom of the screen, allowing players to adjust their bet size and spin the reels with ease.

The sound effects in the game include playful barks and exciting jingles that accompany wins, creating an immersive experience for players. The graphics are beautifully rendered, with detailed and charming symbols of various dog breeds adorning the reels. The animations enhance the visual appeal of the game, with the reels spinning smoothly and symbols coming to life with each winning combination.

The upbeat and cheerful music adds to the overall gaming experience, creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement. In the sound menu, players have the option to adjust the volume of the music and sound effects to their preference, giving them greater control over their auditory experience while playing.

Overall, the user interface, sound effects, graphics, animations, and music in The Dog House Megaways slot game come together to create a captivating and enjoyable gaming experience for players.

Pros & Cons


  • The game offers exciting free spins bonus modes with the potential to win big without spending more money.
  • The maximum win potential in the game is quite high, adding to the thrill and excitement of each spin.
  • The cute puppy theme is appealing and adds a fun and lighthearted element to the game, making it enjoyable for players of all ages.


  • One drawback of the game is the lack of a mini-game, which could add another layer of entertainment and engagement for players.
  • Another downside is the inability to re-activate free spins, limiting the opportunities for additional bonus rounds and potential wins.


In conclusion, The Dog House Megaways slot not on Gamstop is an exciting and rewarding game that is sure to please slot fans of all kinds. With plenty of features, a great theme, and some amazing jackpots, this game has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for big wins or just want to have some fun, The Dog House Megaways slot is sure to deliver. So why wait? Try your luck at this amazing game today.

Author Joshua Hayes